Landlord Resources

Landlords play an important role in the housing needs of our community. The resources here are intended to add to your knowledge base of best practices, supporting your tenants, and protecting your investment.
NOTE: Resources on this page are not to be considered legal advice and/or an endorsement of the services offered on any of the websites posted here.
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Benefits of Becoming a Section 8/Housing Choice Landlord

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Indiana Residential Lease Agreement for Rental Properties

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How to be a Landlord in Indiana-Legal Things to Know*

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Tenant Rights and Responsibilities in Indiana

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Indiana Landlord Responsibilities for Habitability

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Indiana Property Management Laws

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Four Ways Landlords Can Foster Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationships

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Fair Housing is Everyone's Right. Fort Wayne Residents' Guide to Fair Housing Laws

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Becoming a Landlord through FWHA

Fort Wayne Housing Authority (FWHA) is continuously recruiting tenants to accept Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV, formerly known as Section 8). There are more vouchers issued in Fort Wayne than are accepted at rental units. Please review the information here if you would consider working with FWHA to help you keep your units rented while earning incentives.

Benefits of becoming a Landlord through FWHA
  • Guaranteed Rent (FWHA portion)
  • Steady Flow of Applicants
  • Renter Retainment (average 7-8 years)
  • Sign-on Bonuses: FWHA will provide a sign-on bonus of one month's contract rent to any owner who executes a new HAP contract with a voucher holder.
  • Security Deposits: FWHA will pay a security deposit of up to one month's contract rent.
  • Damage Claims: FWHA will pay the lesser of the cost of repair or to two months' contract rent.