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Realizing that the issues of homelessness in Fort Wayne cannot be fully addressed by individual agencies, the City of Fort Wayne, along with national nonprofit consultants from Homebase, created the Everyone Home: Fort Wayne’s Community Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. It was drafted through combining local data, gaps analyses, focus groups, and survey responses from individuals with lived experience of homelessness, and input from a broad variety of stakeholders throughout the City of Fort Wayne. Further, a committee of community leaders convened to guide the process and incorporate broad perspectives as the community-wide strategic plan was developed.

The plan presents a strategy for collaborative answers to the tough questions around housing and homelessness. After identifying key issues and analyzing the data, a series of four goals were presented along with an action plan to achieve them. Implementation of the plan will give the City an opportunity to partner and coordinate resources across sectors, organizations that will fulfill the vision to prevent and end homelessness in Fort Wayne.

Implementing the Everyone Home plan as a whole community is a key to success for the city of Fort Wayne.


To learn more about the goals of Everyone Home, view the videos below:

Everyone Home Introduction Video

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